Why we have started selling Lennox.

About 20 years ago I work for a company in Springfield Missouri that was a Lennox Premier dealer. During my time working for this company I learned to appreciate the quality of product that Lennox produced whether I was working as a service technician or an installer I found that the Lennox product was far superior to anything else that I handled in the field. I worked with commercial products of all kinds in the heating and air conditioning industry and I have worked with residential products of every make and type in my almost three decades of experience and I have rarely found a product as well made has Lennox. Now that I get to decide what product our company sells I choose to go with the best product I can find the fact that we’re able to bring this product to the public for a better price than most of the other companies out there well that’s just gravy. Thanks for choosing Pennington’s Heating and Air Conditioning Incorporated I look forward to working with you.

Lennox, the Elite
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